Grace Episcopal Church has been including music in its Facebook live streaming. For the most part this is limited to the prelude and postlude. The Bishops of Michigan have asked Episcopalians to stay out of all church buildings. This includes the organist. So I have had to get more creative with the music for our streaming. So far I have arranged a Couperin vocal setting of the sequence, Lauda Sion, for Harpsichord. The Harpsichord stop on my small electric keyboard is surprisingly good. I have also used it to perform short pieces by Couperin, Rameau, and William Byrd. I have arranged an unaccompanied violin bourrée by Bach for guitar and am learning it. I have played several hymns on Banjo. I am planning a piano improvisation soon even though my piano is not terribly in tune. 

In addition I have begun writing Music Notes to be included in the pdf we make available to people each week. The service we are using is an abbreviated Liturgy of the Word which is basically 2 readings, homily, and prayers. We use StreamYard software that allows streaming through Facebook. All participants stream from their homes. Mostly it has been Rev Jen and me but we have managed to occasionally include other parishioners doing readings. For the Easter Vigil we had two families doing the series of readings that are part of that service and two singers sang an abbreviated form of the Easter Proclamation (the Exultet) that is part of that service. 
The alto section in my choir meets once a month for breakfast. During this period that have met weekly on Google-hangout. This has raised spirits considerably. In addition I have emailed some links to my choir on YouTube for them to sing with to stay in practice.
Submitted May 2 by Steve Jenkins